Safety Program

Western Horticultural Services is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees, a safe environment for all of our clients, and compliance with all current and applicable OSHA, occupational health safety, and environmental laws. Western has implemented operations, procedures, and policies necessary to provide safe site and working conditions. Western is committed to compliance with site-specific safety policies as required by our clients. In addition to our daily focus on safety, Western performs monthly safety meetings with the entire staff, as well as weekly "tailgate" meetings emphasizing safety topics with supervisors, foreman, and crews. All vehicles are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Western performs background checks on employees, as well as random drug testing. Should an incident occur, employees involved are subject to mandatory drug testing.

Western has received recognition under the STARS Safe Company Program (Safety Training Achieves Remarkable Success), which is a PLANET safety initiative designed for companies to set the precedent for safety throughout the industry. The STARS program assists green industry service provider companies in lowering their total cost of risk by reducing hazards and injuries.