Irrigation & Water Conservation

In addition to proper design and installation, irrigation is an essential element in creating a beautiful landscape. We understand the importance of responsible management of this precious and costly natural resource. Our expert team of licensed irrigators and technicians monitors and repairs existing irrigation systems for our clients, as well as renovates and installs systems to ensure proper and efficient water delivery.

Water Conservation

Western's policy for the conservation of water is found in the weekly inspections of the irrigation system, which is performed after each service visit. This policy extends to monthly inspections performed by a State of Texas Licensed Irrigator. The State of Texas promotes water conservation through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which requires that all licensed irrigators practice repair and design techniques that promote water conservation and complete approved continuing education courses.

Western's licensed irrigators provide recommendations for modifications that improve conservation, as well as the installation of smart technologies for water management. Western is experienced at installing and operating smart technologies for water management systems that schedule irrigation applications based on ever-changing environmental conditions and their effect on plants and soil. Where smart technologies for water management systems are not installed, we practice an irrigation philosophy that promotes the development of strong root systems with a scheduling design that contains consecutive days off and "cycle and soak" programming on days of operation to reduce run off. Where applicable, Western also utilizes the addition of soil amendments to reduce the watering needs of plant material.