Landscape Design & Installation

Our landscape designs combine natural beauty with function and sustainability. We are skilled in both formal and naturalistic planting designs that combine horticultural and ecological knowledge to create beautiful year-round landscapes for your business or community. From concept through installation, and customized maintenance plans upon project completion, we offer turnkey landscape solutions. The basic principles of our landscape design services include:

We start with a landscape and hardscape design with water conservation, beauty, and practical use in mind. 

Healthy soils grow healthy plants. We will test your soil for organic matter and nutrient content so you will know what nutrients are lacking, and what minerals, compost or other organic material should be added.

Appropriate plant selection will keep your landscape in harmony with your local natural environment. We will discuss with you which native plants thrive in our area.

A good irrigation system should give your plants a sufficient amount of water without waste. We address irrigation that treats different plants zones (turf vs. garden plants vs. trees, e.g.) separately.

Proper mulching naturally controls weed populations, prevents soil compaction, and creates favorable conditions for healthy plant life. Our plans help conserve water by using mulch layers in flower and shrub beds, which reduces moisture evaporation from the soil.

Good maintenance is required to both establish and preserve a healthy, beautiful landscape. Proper planning for maintenance also conserves water and controls pests without the use of pesticides.